Nick is a London based filmmaker and co-director of Milkwood Productions. After graduating from Art College Nick worked in sculpture and furniture design. Documenting his work on film led to him experimenting with this new medium. Once he mastered his lighting and animation skills it was only a matter of time before he introduced narrative.

It was then that filmmaking really captured his imagination and he spent many years developing his craft on music videos and commercials. He carved out a successful career directing films for global brands, leading him to set up Milkwood, a vibrant production company based in the heart of Soho, London.

His visual storytelling caught the eye of MTV who employed Nick to develop their first online/on-air channel called Flux. Over the period of a year he was an integral part of program development, devising interactive shows that would help change the way we interacted with narrative content.

Being shortlisted for the Channel 4 Coming Up series encouraged him to steer more towards drama. Working with skilled actors like Ashley Walters, Nick honed his skills at developing characters who are both compelling and inspiring.

His films have now been broadcast on network TV and selected for numerous film festivals including BFI London Film Festival, LA Short Film Festival and Cinequest. He has toured with OneDotZero to give talks on digital filmmaking and invited to chair a discussion on experimental filmmaking at the Oberhausen Film festival in Germany.

Nick recently directed Immortality, an 8 part sci-fi mini series for the new online platform BlackPills that runs through the Vice portal. With US and French backing, they have their eyes firmly on becoming the next Netflix. They hired in an exciting bunch of directors that include Zoe Cassavetes, James Franco and Luc Besson. Nick’s series was called Immortality, a sci-fi set in a future society where taking a free pill every day offers immortality, but at the cost of living under a dictatorship.